Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition And Registration Start Soon On Zee Bangla

Updated on August 9, 2022

Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition 2019: Zee Bangla Didi No.1 Season 8 2018 is all set to make a huge come back again this year. Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration start soon on Zee Bangla. The show is going to telecast on Zee Bangla.

This TV show is one of the most popular and highest TRP rating show. Especially this TV show creates a great impact on Bengal women. Zee Bangla Didi no.1 airs on Zee Bangla 7 days a week. Check the Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration Details.

It is the second longest-running Bengali television series by episode count. The television game show is all set to television screens very soon. So here and the complete details about Didi No.1 Season 8 2018.

Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration

If you want to participate in the upcoming season of Didi no 1. You have to fill the registration form first. Registration form of the show will be available on the official website of the show or you can visit the Zee5 website.

Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration start soon on Zee Bangla
Didi No 1 Season 8 Audition and Registration start soon on Zee Bangla

The link for the registration of form will be available there. Click on the link and fill the registration form completely. Mention your personal, contact details. Make sure you provide true and accessible contact information. If your application gets shortlisted, an official team of the show will contact you for auditions.

The concept of the program

There are a total of four rounds in Didi No.1. Participants can get many gifts answering the question ask by the host. At the end of each episode, the answer gives crest and free games to the participant for their participation in the show. The winner gets a different type of crest than the other participants. She also gets a batch tied up on her saree by the anchor.

The show basically tackles the emotional and achievement sense of women. The last season of the Zee Bangla Didi No.1 was hosted by Rachna Banerjee. It is the biggest opportunity for women across Bengal to prove their strength and talent in front of the television.

For the more update about this audition stay tuned. And you can also join real-time notification for more information related to your favorite tv show.

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  1. I want to play didi no 1…nd ami sobai k dekhate chai j amio dekhte sundor na holeo karor theke kom na….

  2. I want to participate didi number 1
    Because I love didi number 1 show and I love greatest lady Rachana Banerjee.
    Eta Emoni Ek program je Somsto Mohilake
    Somajer Chokhe Sonmanito Kore.
    Thanks to didi number 1
    Thanks to my favourite didi Rachana Banerjee.

  3. Ami johra Mim…Chittagong Bangladesh er meye..Amr boyosh jokhn 11 ami tokhn clasd six a Pori…tokhon thekei ami amr ammur shathe boshe didi no.1 dekhtam..Amr tokhon thekei icche jage j ami didi no.1 khelte jabo…jokhon e didi no.1 dekhte television er shamne boshi ami ammu k shudhu boli j “” ammu amio 1 din khelte jabo r khele jiteo ashbo”””..Bangladesh a thaki to tai mone hoy j didi no.1 khelar j icche oi ta hoyto puron hobe na..Tao ami asha rekhechi..its also a part of my dream..please amk didi no.1 khelar 1 ta shujog din apnara..

  4. Ami payel das burdwan a amar bari ami r amar maa didi no 1 khelte chai amar maa apnar khub boro fan r amio tai amake r amar maa ke please didi khelar ekta sujog din . Ph no 7718406321 7718504464

  5. Ami payel das ami r amr maa apnar khub boro fan r didi amr maa amake r amr didi ke kivabe eka boro koreche sei golpo apnar sathe share korte chai please didi amake r amr maa ke didi no 1 participant korun ph no 7718406321 7718504464

  6. Ami didi no 1 e participate korte chai.amake plzzzz ekbr chance din.amr life er sob ksto anondo share korte chai.amar phone number 9038106107

  7. Plss Didi Ami khalte chai amaker akabr dakun Ami Chennai te thaki Amara ay soo ta khubu valo lage Ami jate chai plss Didi Amar name Aparna BISWAS Amar pH no 9123360060 plsssssss

  8. Ami didino1 e jete Khub ichhuk. Ami r amer bon jete chi. Please contact korben.Amer name Swarnali Debnath Sonarpur,Kamrabad, Bhowmick park,Kol-700150 . Phone no- 8777563058.

  9. Ami r amer MA jete chay.please contact korben. Amader akhan theke season 7 e dujon geche. Please contact korben. Barnali Majumder Post-Harinavi,Manickpur,Noyakhali para. Kol-700148 phone no- 9875389641

  10. one of the best show in tv program,,, i want to play this show,,,,, i want come Didi No 1 from Bangladesh

  11. Ami r amr ma jate chae.amadr akhan thaka koykjon gachen didi no1.please contact korben.Sayantani paul-post office salkia,Ami howrah salkia ta thaki.Address-111,Banerjee Bagan lane,salkia howrah-6.pin-711106.phone no-8017110840.

  12. Didi Ami amr ma khelta chae.amra howrah salkia ta thaki.please contact korben.sayantani paul.phone no-8017110840.

  13. Ma’am my mom wants to participate in didi no1… So please do contact ..
    Ichapur,nawabganj, Ram Krishna samitilane N-24pgs
    Phone no. 9038235085

  14. Ami Emily Chatterjee ghosh Ami didi no one roj dakhi tai amio didi no one khaltachai please Amay akta sujog koradin Ami Amar jibonar kichu kotha apnadar satha dear kortachai

  15. My nemis jyoti kabiraj
    Iam varry internist of didi no’1 play that game plszzz plszzz…………
    I riqustes plss 1chans give to that me… I play in that game..plz plz

  16. Ami ar amar jaa jete chai Didi No 1 a………. Please chance us to participate…… Please……. Please……. contact No. 9681370552

  17. Didi ami Anita DEY ami akjon house wife. Ami ai game show ta participant korta chi ami anokdin dhora register korta chicकि kintu hocha na plz didi

  18. Plz ami anek bhabe chesta korechhi ajo dak paini.auditiono diachhi 2 bar.plz akta sujog koredin anekdiner swapna.

  19. Didi no 1 seasan 8 jeta chai ami.ami roj didi no 1 daki.amr name -lakshmi chowdhury. My add-birati kolkata 51.my ph no-9836741467.plz call me didi.

  20. plz didi amk ektu sujog kore din plz.amk didi no 1 season 8 ea jete chai.ph no 9836741467.birati kolkata 51.lakshmichowdhury3 @gmail. com.

  21. didi ami lakshmi chowdhury.birati thake bolchi.amk tickit no pathano hoyece.kintu bujthe parchina.plz contack me.

  22. Ki hochhe audition a dektei pachhi 6ii dikhhar janai jara joto stylish photo aneche tader select kora hochhe tahole agayi ullekh kore dite parten 6iii amadee to kono kothai sona holo na je koto struggle korechi …ai sb ki hochhe 6ii ..ghenna lage ghenna

  23. Amar age 29
    Bes koyek bochor dhorey didi no1 er darsok.somosto somalochonar urdhey thake ei show.2015 theke eo show amy prai bachiye rekhechen eta bolte paren.2015te ami amr husband k harai..ahon amar husband shantite swrgiyo sukh upovog korchen.ami bachar asai paini tv khultey voi hoto sudhu apnader ei show amy akmatro indpiration dai..amr sosur barir baba maa e amy swajatne rekhechen.maa babar akmatro meye holeo 2016e maa keo harate hoi.sei sok tukuo katiye uti.aj nijeke as e makeup artist protistito korar purno chesta korchi…parle pase thakben r akbar apander show jawar sujog kore deben

  24. Name-Ria Dutta

    Ami onek vabe chesta korchi didi no.1 a participate korar kintu kono vabe e sujog pacchi naa… plzz ekta sujog din participate korar…!!
    Thank you !!

  25. Name- Ria Dutta
    Age -18
    Address- Domjur,Howrah

    Ami Didi No.1 a participate korte chaii….. plzz ekta chance din.
    plzzz…. plzz…
    Thank you !!

  26. Nomos kar rachona di ame zee bangla tomar program sobsomai dakhe ame tomar khub baro akjon vokto plz tumi jode akbar sujok Kora Dao tomar sata dakha karar plz plz plz ame jne tumi amr ai anurod rakba

  27. Amra Didi no.1 roj dekhey.khubvalo lage.Addres Vill.and Dandwal.Mahenajpur.Lalganj.Azamgarh Utterpradesh

  28. ami didi no 1 a jete chi, khyelte chai.. plz amai boledin ki bhabe audition a jete prbo. ba audition from fill up krbo..

  29. Hello. My name is Kaniz Kulsum. I am an Advocate at Calcutta High Court. Receny in the year 2018 i got married . I have completed my Master in law from calcutta university also. I am not happy in my married life. I love my husband a lot but my inlaws and my husband r not allowing me to do practice at court, nor allowing me to do any work out of my house. My upbringing was very independent and caring. Today i have completed my masters in law bcoz of my parents.. Before marriage i used to practice at high court but not after marriage my inlaws and also my husband are totally not allowing me to live me freely.. Then what use of my studies?
    My dream is to become a judge .. And i will.. My mother is the one who is raising voice but no use .. I dont want to leave my husband because i know he is a good person , some reason r there he is also not allowing me to.. Please didi i want u to raise my voice and need help so i can correct my future.. I am only 25 yrs of age..
    Thank you..

  30. Hi, ami Elora solaiman. Ami Bangladesh theke Ist April kolkata jabo. My husband is Air Force officer. Ami didi no 1 khub pochondo kori. Amar 2 meye. Amake khelar sujog dile khub khusi hobo. Pl ki korte hobe amake niyom ta bolben. Tnx.

  31. Namaskar, I am interested to join the Didi no 1 season 8. I am stay in Canada Toronto.
    Please send the details of the procedure through my email.

  32. Hi Ami binita Bangalore theke bolchi..Ami roj Didi no.1 dekhi even amr barir shokol family member e dekhe thaken
    ETA onek mojar ekta show n onno der Moto amio ai khela te participate korte chai

  33. Ami DIDI NO 1 a participate korte chai…ETA amar ma(Gita Roy) r amar o onek diner ichhe….Jiboner sob ichhe gulor moddhe ei ichhe ta puron korte parle jiboner 1ta onek boro chaoa purno hobe…..
    Thank u DIDI NO 1

  34. Ami DIDI NO 1 a participate korte chai…ETA amar ma(Gita Roy) r amar o onek diner ichhe….Jiboner sob ichhe gulor moddhe ei ichhe ta puron korte parle jiboner 1ta onek boro chaoa purno hobe…..9830173620
    Thank u DIDI NO 1

  35. Ami afsana molla ami 5year try korchi didi no 1 jayar jonno kintu jete parini plz didi apni jodi season 8 a amake deke nen amar phone no 8371857898,plz call me.

  36. ami Bangladesh er rajshahi city te thaki………. amar life er kichu kotha ami didi no1 jeye sobar sathe share korte chai….. please amak akta chance din……..amar number:01794277740……plzz plzzz plzzz akta chance din……

  37. Amar bishon ichae jawar…amar ar Maier…onek try korchi hochae na…plzz plzz amar jawar khub ichae

  38. I want to take part in this show Didi no 1 session 8. Tried in phone number of times but didn’t got any reply from your end. My parents want to see me . Pls pls will you give me chance once. If I get I will be highly grateful to you

  39. I want to take part in this show Didi no 1 session 8. Tried in phone number of times but didn’t got any reply from your end. My parents want to see me . Pls pls will you give me chance once. If I get I will be highly grateful to youp..My pH no 7044574384

  40. Hi Didi,Ame Bangladesh er Cox,sBazer teke, amr family er soby didino1 kub kub like kore,ak kothy amr family daly binodon py ai didino 1 deke,amr kub icha akber didi no1 a geya jiboner kisu golpo shear korte,plz…..akber chance den.

  41. Ami shibani Bhattacharyya didi no1 e khelar amar anek diner ichha plese didi amak ektu dakben and amar sapna jate safal hoi ektu chesta korben amar mob no -9800693436

  42. Hi ami Mousumi paul ami to didi no.1
    Dekhte vlobasi roj dekhi sobar moto ami o participate krte chai

  43. Hi,ami smriti dumdum airport e thaki ami kichudiner modheye london chole jabo husband er job er jonno.so,jodi ami ekbar sujog pai didi no 1 e participate korar jonno.onek boro paoa hobe amr jonno.

  44. I Pratima Samaddar suffering Brain Tumer Cancer GBM IV my life not more three years but i am fully fit for Every Work. My wish to Participate Didi no 1 i hope ZEE বাংলা Give me chance for Participate. My age 53 years living in Berhampur, Murshidabad my mobile no 9434637585.

  45. I want to participate in didi no. 1. I am big fan of these show. I am a business woman and a wife and a proud mother. I help my husband in his business and also maintains my household works also. I love to cook and read books

  46. Ami sukla Dutta amr age 28….ami gym trainer…..ami didi no1 dekty khub bhalo basi and amr chely o dekty tar age 2years..thanks to didi nob 1 ei entertainment e ank kichu Sikhaa pechi jobson e ki babe choate hoe….I love dis program

  47. I Neha ghosh, teacher of k. V. Barrackpore.
    I want to participate in Didi no I
    My phone number 8777013550 ,9681803454.

  48. My name kalpana Dutta my village Bankura.didi onek chesta koreo tomake amar jiboner kotha janate parlam na ar parbo na janle tomar chokhe jol achejabe my ph no 8918454785


    PH NO-8777653919

    PH NO-8777653919 / 9007661859 /9007696875

  52. I want to participate here with my husband.I am from cooch behar,dinhata.contact no-9002763302

  53. Hi,ami priyanka roy ami participate korte chai ,,,,i am from batanagar ,,,my contact no.8910526871

  54. I want to participate here with my-wife i am from utter dinajpur raigang contact no 9064151155 please selected

  55. Amr nam aritra bhattacharjee.. i want to praticipated didi no.1 ay corona modhe amr baba jehetu akjon kolkata police tho aij ki vabe amr baba sadharon manush er pase dariye nijer jiboner jhuki niye duty kor6e sei khotha ami didi no1 monche janate chai ..

  56. I am Sandha Rani Dey from Satkhira. Bangladesh, I am a House Wife. I am die heart fan of Didi No ! and ZEE Bangla. I want to praticipate in didi no 1, please would loke to call me any time on this number 08801750057932.


  57. Ami Mahasweta Naskar from Tollygunge..I am a drawing teacher of kidzee..Ami khub kom boyose amar maa k harai..maa er poriborte amr pisi sei jayga ta diyeche..ami seta share korte chai…please sujog deben…contact no 7003710852

  58. Amr name Banasri Ghosh Maity …Ami akn compritive porchi…akta govtment job r jonno.ank kosto Kora ma poriyacha …ma r kosto Ami akoko sufol Dita parini ..amr akrai dream akta govtment job paya husband r son ,family Nita sukha thkta chai …r Amr jamon icha Didi no 1a jaber ..tamnni Amr ma r khub icha amk Didi no 1 a perticipate krta dkta. Plz .auditionhola bolbo . Amr khu icha ..plz help me

  59. Ami didi no. 1 a jete echhuk… Amr life a o ekta boro ghotona ache… Didir sth r sokoler sth share korte chai… Plz request korchi ei no. A ph. Kore dakun.. Plzz.. No-9851732605 & 9874297846

  60. I want to play. Please give me chance. I live in Rajasthan. Srilekha ghosh, phone numbers, 7982219875.

  61. Ami didino1 jetechi Ami and my Soon. piece call me.
    Name- Kalpana Dutta, ‘Dist- Bankura
    Contact no 8918454785

  62. I am Lina Mondal (Mistri) from sundarbon at gosaba want to participate in DiDi no1 pls give me a opportunity,.
    Plz contact 9804433604

  63. Ami Shrabani deb Ami didi number 1 a participate korte chai Pls amake aktu sujog kore din
    Phn number – 9123728249

  64. Hi, My Susmita Dhara. I am 16 years old. I really want to be participate in didi no 1.. and I want that everyone knows how I struggling in my life..and after that where I am

  65. Ami asha dey ,ami ar amar husband kolkata te thaki .amar biye lock down e 18 may te hoi.ami didi no 1 a jate chai .amar baba kibhabe 5 meye 1 chele thaka sottey even ki chotto sammano akta kaj kore bari theke dhure thake bangalore kaj kore amake kosto kosto kore math honours koriyeChen. Among akjon cheler sathe biye diyechen je amake nijer thekeu besi bhalobase.amake Seo porabe boleche tai biye dilen Seo sotty amar pora sona niye khub consas .amar jodio 21 years tao ami jibone atto uthan Potton sojjo korechi ta sobar sathe share korte chai .amar contact no 9933849397.plzzzzzz amake akta chance din.

  66. Hi…. I m Ratna Mukherjee. I m a teacher nd I want to participate in didi no. 1 . Nd want to share my life struggle nd my life experience…
    Contact : ratnamukherjee20199 @gmail.com

  67. is there any chance to participate in the show, my 8 year old son had asked me to get him enrolled for the show to participate as a birthday gift………..kindly let me fullfill his birthday wish……..S Saha

  68. Hlw didi..ami Mousumi Sadhukhan .. I’m 22years..ami housewife ..amr 4 year er ekta 6ele a6e..amr address : Barasat , Duttapukur Tentultola, near By Pal mobile house pin : 743248.. didi ami upnar show everyday dekhi..upnar ei show er theke onek Meyer motivate hoy..didi amr ekta dream j ami upnar ei show e ekbar participate hote chi…plz upni r upnar zee chanel er Ka6e ETA amar request ,, plz didi amr ei dream ta sotti korte Amy ektu help korun plz..


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