MTV Roadies Audition 2022 Registration, Venues, & Eligibility

MTV Roadies 2022 Season 18 Registration or Roadies 2022 Season 18 Registration Audition Dates procedure. Here we are providing the full details and terms and conditions about the reality show Roadies.

Participants can read all the details carefully. Scroll down the articles and read all details carefully such as registration, venues, eligibility, dates, and expected dates.

MTV Roadies 2022
MTV Roadies 2022

MTV Roadies 2022 Season 20

MTV Roadies 2022 Season 18 Audition Cities:

  • Pune
  • Delhi
  • Chandigarh
  • Kolkata

MTV Roadies Season 18 Registration form:

  • The registration process is simple. Visit the official website for more information.
  • Fill out the registration form as indicated.
  • After registration, the participant writes an answer to the question.
  • The selected participant will be called for the audition.
  • Upload image and video as instructed. (if the applicant is required that they present certain documents, such as proof of ID, a color passport photo, etc.

Phases/ Stages:

  • Registration
  • Audition
  • Verification of Documents.
  • Briefing about the Show.
  • Live on stage.

Eligibility Criteria:

This Contest/Sh0w is organized by Viacom18 and is open to all individual participants who (“Participants”):

  • Proof of Nationality.
  • Foreign nationals (NRIs) must have all the necessary permissions, such as work permits, visas, registration documents, etc. To participate in the Auditions and/or Programs legally, you must obtain permission from relevant authorities.
  • The minimum age must be 18 years old.
  • Valid and Active- Email Address & Contact number.
  • Registered on the Voot App and through the official site.
  • Participants must agree to all terms and conditions.
  • The Participant agrees that he/she will be required to submit all valid proofs of name/ age/ address/ nationality/ citizenship and/or any other document. These proofs may be required by Viacom18 from time to time.

Question of the Contest:

Viacom18 will invite participation from the viewers of the Program to provide their responses to the contest question, “Updated Soon” (“Contest Question”).

MTV Roadies Audition 2022 Important Dates and Venue (Tentative):

  1. The Contest shall commence in the month of Dec 2021 at 12:00 am (“Contest Start Date”).
  2. The Contest is open for participation in the following 4 (four) cities of auditions and shall conclude for each city as per the below end dates for each city (“Contest End Date”):
    • Delhi: Contest participation end date in the month of Jan at 11:59 pm;
    • Chandigarh: Contest participation end date in the month of Jan at 11:59 pm;
    • Kolkata: Contest participation end date in the month of Jan at 11:59 pm;
    • Pune: Contest participation end date in the month of  Jan at 11:59 pm;

Who Will Win The MTV Roadies Revolution?

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