Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar Auditions & Registration Open

Updated on August 9, 2022

Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Auditions: Star Pravaha is bringing brand new singing television reality show on-screen from 12 January 2020. This brand new TV show named ‘Mi Honar Superstar’ will be on screen in a few weeks. But Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Auditions and Registration on Star Pravah.

The singing television reality show is going to be one of the biggest singing television reality show in Maharashtra. The registration for this show has already started.

Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar Auditions
Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar Auditions

The registrations of Mi Honar Superstar will be open for the talented contestants above 21 years old. To Participate in the Mi Honar superstar, you will need to send your audition video to Check out the step by step details below.

So check out complete details related to Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar. And find out how you can do registration for the auditions of the upcoming singing television reality show.

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Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Registration

For registration of the Star Pravah Mi Honar Superstar, interested candidates can visit the official website of channel or you can also click on REGISTER Button. The registration form will be available on the homepage of the website.

Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Registration
Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Registration

In the first step you will need to write your phone number and you will get a one-time password. After that start filling basic details like your name, date of birth, age, gender, address.

Don’t forget to mention your accessible mobile number and email ID. You will also need to mention occupation, designation, and educational qualification. In the last step, you will need to mention the languages you can speak.

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Mi Honar Superstar 2020 Auditions

Interested candidates will also have to write their favorite singer, what kind of music they like. While they will also have to mention that if they learn music.

If you took classes in music, then you will need to write the name of your Guru. When did you leave singing, what made you leave singing, who would be the happiest to see you become a singer again?

Also write your talent, hobbies, interest. While you can also tell them about your Complex. And in the last step, you lead to upload the audition video of yours. The maximum size of the video should be 50 MB.

If your applications get selected by the official team of the show, they will call you for the next process. Stay tuned here to get more details related to the ground audition of the Mi Honar Superstar. And Stick around here to get auditions details of the big television reality shows.

Enter all the required details asked in the form and mentioned below and submit it:

  • Name / नाव:
  • Birth Date of Birth / जन्मतारीख:
  • Age (As Of AuditionDate) / वय (ऑडीशनच्या दिवशी): Years / वर्षं:
  • Months / महिने:
  • GENDER / लिंग:
  • Marital Status Children
  • Details Children (Age), If Any / मुलांचे वय (असल्यास)
  • Present Current Address / सध्याचा पत्ता PresentCity Present City / सध्याचे शहर
  • PermanentAddress Permanent Address / कायमचा पत्ता
  • Permanent City / कायमस्वरुपी शहर
  • Citizenship/Nationality / नागरिकत्व T
  • Telephone Number (With Std Code) / दूरध्वनी क्रमांक (STD सहित)
  • Alternate Mobile Number / वैकल्पिक मोबाइल क्रमांक
  • E-Mail Address / इ – मेल आयडी
  • Occupation & Designation / व्यवसाय आणि पद
  • Educational Qualification / शैक्षणिक पात्रता
  • Languages Spoken / कुठल्या भाषा बोलता येतात? :

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