15 Interesting Facts And Hidden Secret About Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is one of the popular shows on Indian television. The show has lots of controversies, twists, and turns in the story. After the success of the Bigg Boss in Hindi language makers of the show came up with the show in different regional languages. Like currently we have Bigg Boss Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, etc. Here list some Bigg Boss Interesting Facts, know about your popular show hidden Secret.

Bigg Boss Hindi is a very popular show and has kept the viewers glued up to the television. However, there are various facts about the show we will be sharing here. Check out the information about the popular television show Bigg Boss here. To know more about the show Bigg Boss stick around this page.

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15 Interesting Facts And Hidden Secret About Bigg Boss
15 Interesting Facts And Hidden Secret About Bigg Boss

Interesting facts about the Bigg Boss

1- The house of Bigg Boss has cameras all over the house. These cameras film each and every activity of the contestants.

2. The house of Bigg Boss is like a film set where there are many cameras along with the floodlights installed.

3. Contestants from the house cannot keep any contact with outsiders.

4. The place where there are no cameras is showers and loos.

5. There are no clocks inside the house of Bigg Boss. However, the clocks there in the house are just for the purpose of decoration. Rest contestants are unaware of the time.

6. The house of Bigg Boss has many mirrors where there are cameras and camera people capturing every moment inside the house.

7. Smoking areas are available inside the house and there are cameras too in that area.

8. Bigg Boss will be providing the books inside the house however these books are holy books like Gita, Bible, etc. And no other book is to be bought inside the house.

9. There are facilities like doctors, and an ambulance is present outside the house.

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10. In case if there is any problem inside the house contestants tell it in-camera. The technician comes and solves the problem in the house. However, the contestants sit in other areas with blindfolds so that they do not come in contact with an outsider.

11. There is a particular signing amount for the contestant even if they get evicted within a week.

12. There is a huge penalty amount if in case you quit the show in the middle.

13. The contestants cannot access any of the parlor or salon facility during the regular episodes. They do their makeup on their own.

14. However, professional makeup artists and stylists are available for the contestants on the finale episodes.

15. The family members of the contestants send a bag of fresh clothes every month. These bags are checked completely to check if there is a forwarding of any message or mobile phone.

These are a few of the lesser-known facts about the show Bigg Boss India. Bigg Boss is one of the most successful shows on television.

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