5 Lottery-themed Bollywood and How Did Satta Matka Begin

Hundreds of individuals put their faith in chance daily, and celebrities are no exception. So, it is not surprising that the lottery has been increasingly common in Bollywood movies in recent years since it is seen as an interesting subject by people from all social classes. But, before we take a peek at those popular lottery-themed Bollywood movies, we will go through some interesting facts about one of the most popular Indian lotteries: Satta Matka.

Satta Matka: How did this indian lottery begin?

It is a kind of luck-based game and comprises selecting winning numbers using a process known as random number generation to win a reward. An amount of money is promised to be given to a lucky person who made the correct draw.

Satta Matka is a popular kind of gambling worldwide, especially in India. In the beginning, players used slips of paper and a Matka to participate in the game (clay pot). These days, participants reach their preferred Satta Matka site by going online. The vast majority of Mumbai Satta Matka players with internet access log into the game’s online version using their mobile devices or a computer. 

In the early 1950s, cotton was shipped between Bombay and New York City. This practice dates back quite a way. Cotton’s price was subject to consistent and significant shifts. Even those in the sector with the greatest years of expertise could not accurately forecast how much the rate would shift. It quickly became a widely played game of guessing; almost every worker in the sector took part in. This was eventually given the name Satta Matka. The opening and closing prices from the New York Cotton Exchange served as the basis for its calculation. 

After some time, individuals started making wagers based on their predictions. However, to communicate with one another, both the New York Cotton Exchange and the Bombay Cotton Exchange used teleprinters. Around 1961, the procedure was altered, and it soon became apparent that the well-liked game would no longer be played. But the supporters had other plans in mind. They began playing the game themselves but weren’t very good at it. 

Now that you know a bit more about this Indian lottery game, let’s discover 5 Bollywood movies about lottery winning.

5 Bollywood Movies About Winning Lotteries

  1. Fukrey:

Fukrey is maybe the most popular film that pops up whenever a person discusses Bollywood movies about lotteries. 

Throughout the movie, four good friends encounter several problems and tight spots as a result of chasing their objectives. The lives of four college buddies pursuing their dreams intersect with a diverse cast of colorful characters, including a tough-talking Punjabi female don and a Jugaad Baaz campus watchman.

  1. Fukrey Returns:

This is a movie that was a well-made and equally enjoyable sequel to the first Fukrey film, Fukrey Returns. The same characters return, and they have an anti-prognostic character to handle. The movie’s action centers on the characters’ attempts to come up with a fresh plan, open a lotto shop, get into further trouble, and eventually prevail over their dilemma.

  1. Lottery

Lottery, a romantic thriller film, was a bit older. It was released in 2009 by the Bollywood industry. This narrative revolves around a complicated love triangle at its core. Abhijeet, the male hero, is attracted to two separate ladies at the same time, and he eventually wins a jackpot. However, to succeed once again, our character will need to think about the possibility of killing one of the two ladies.

  1. Luck

Throughout the whole of the movie, discussions centering on luck, gambling, and casinos take up a significant amount of screen time. The leading man, Sanjay Dutt, is highly lucky in the world.

On the other hand, his approaches to earning money are just getting more archaic. So, the main character’s new pastime consists of speculating on the lottery outcomes of other individuals to win money.

  1. Malamaal Weekly

The plot revolves around a small town in India, the majority of whose inhabitants are devoted patrons of the local lottery. So, the whole population of the village makes an effort to claim possession of the jackpot ticket when a local villager wins the lotto for 1 million rupees and then dies away soon after that.

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