MPL Fantasy League Game For Bigg Boss, How To Participate, Rules, Winning Prizes

MPL Fantasy League is an exciting game show for everyone. The game show is a chance to play and win exciting prizes. MPL Fantasy League Game for Bigg Boss: How to Play Online? Check Prize Money details also.

Bigg Boss brings you a game show where you can create your team, Manage your team, Track the Performance, and win exciting prizes by winning the game show.

MPL Fantasy League Game For Bigg Boss

To know more about the MPL Fantasy League stick around this page. Check out more information about the game show here on this website.

The player has to create a league to be a part of the game. There are various league Rules you have followed.

MPL Fantasy League Game for Bigg Boss

  • Download the Voot app
  • Register yourself to the Voot app
  • Search for Bigg Boss in the search bar
  • Scroll down and click on Fantasy League
  • There will appear a page click on “Continue”
  • Create the team and submit
  • Choose a Captain and submit
  • Give a name to the teams and the game show begins


You will be having a credit score on the basis of which you will have to make a team of 5 celebrity players.

Each player you will be selecting will be having a pre-assigned score of 10. So wisely select the player as you just have 50 base points.


  1. The longer the player you selected stays in the game will make you earn more points.
  2. The player will have to select a captain for the team. As long as the captain is in the game you will be earning more points.
  3. The score of the captain will be multiplied by 2 when the points will be rolled out.
The next step is the Performance Score.
  • The task winner will be getting the 5 points.
  • The nominated player will be getting 2 points.
  • Nominated players safe from elimination will get 5 points.
  • 10 points will be award to the captain of the week.
As it is a game there is a punishment too.
  • In case the player of your team quits the game of Bigg Boss in a midway then you will be losing 2 points from the total score.
  • If the player of your team is sent to jail then you will be losing 5 points from the total score.
  • If the player of your team gets a warning from Bigg Boss for their bad behavior you will be losing 2 points from the total score.
  • You will lose 5 points from your total score if the player of your team gets eliminated.
  • If your team player quits the task then again you will be losing a score of 2 points from the total score.

Where there is a Punishment there is a Bonus Points too. You can also get bonus points during the gameplay.

All you have to do is claim the weekly bonus and it gets added to your total score.

You can also manage your team at any time except for when the episode of the show is airing.

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