Star Vijay Vasool Vettai Auditions & Registration

Vasool Vettai 2019 Auditions: Star Vijay is all set to bring the brand new TV show very soon. The upcoming TV show on the channel is titled as Vaso of Vettai. The game television reality show will be given golden opportunities for ladies to participate and win exciting prizes in the show. So check out the Vasool Vettai Auditions and Registration Form on Star Vijay.

The registration for the Vasool Vettai is now open. So without wasting more time. Find out how we can do registration for this exclusive game television reality show.

Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Auditions
Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Auditions

Visual Vettai Concept

Visual Vettai is an exclusive game television reality show for all the women. Ladies from several towns can compete against each other and win exciting gifts. The participants in the show will have to compete with each other in talent, knowledge, and sportsmanship. The TV show will feature exciting games. And it will be entertaining for sure.

So check out complete details related to Vasul Vettai. And check out how you can do registration for the upcoming game television reality show. Also, find out more information related to the eligibility of Vasul Vettai.

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Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Registration Form
Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Registration Form

Vasool Vettai Registration 2019

The registration for the Vasool Vettai will be open only for the women. For the registration, you can visit Vijay TV’s official website. You can check

Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Registration
Star Vijay Vasool Vettai 2019 Registration

The link to the registration form will be available on the homepage. So Click on the link and fill your personal details such as name, age, contact number and email ID. While you will also need to mention the name of your partner.

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The Online Registration of the show Opens from 30 August 2019 to 30 January 2019. So Register now and showcase your talent.

After submitting this information interested candidates will have to upload the introduction video. The size of the video should not exceed more than 20 MB. Click on the accept terms and conditions. And submit your registration form. If your applications will be selected by the official team of the show. They will call you for the next process.

Vasool Vettai Game Show Vijay Tv Rules

  • Vasool Vettai is played as a team of two women.
  • The teams get the chance to answer questions and if they answer correctly, a green ball falls from the wall and the players add the value of the slot to their winning total.
  • If they answer incorrectly, a red ball falls and the value the ball lands on will be deducted from the total prize money
  • As the game progresses, one player will be sent into an isolation room and they have to play the remainder of the game without communication.
  • It sounds like it’s going to be intense!

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Vasool Vettai Game Vijay Tv Audition Registration Procedure

  • Go to this official registration URL –
  • You have to fill in personal details, make sure to fill in the correct details for getting shortlisted
  • The details that need to be filled are Name, Age, Sex, Contact No, Email Address, City / Town, Name of the Partner
  • You must upload a video or photo of you with your game partner, it must be less than 20mb.

Eligibility of the show

  • The registration will be open for the women only.
  • Interested candidates above 18 years old can participate in the show.
  • participants should have a valid proof of nationality and age.

Stay tuned here for more details related to the auditions of the upcoming television reality shows.

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