World of Dance Winners, Runner up and Prizes

World of Dance Winners: After 12 weeks and 5 rounds of competition, the “World of Dance” season 3 2019 finale took place on Sunday night, May 5, with the million-dollar grand prize up for grabs. So who won the World Final, and who fell short? Find out below in our live blog with all the minute-by-minute developments as they happened.

We will also be entertained tonight by some returning favorites from last season. Even judges Derek Hough and Ne-Yo will get in on the dancing action. Will another hip hop routine win the show or will we see another genre take the prize? And who will grab that coveted wild card spot and could they shock us all by actually winning? All our answers are ahead as we begin this two-hour grand finale on World Of Dance.

World of Dance Season 4 Winners

World of Dance 2019
World of Dance 2019

Last week’s Divisional Final decided the four acts that would face off in the finale: The Kings (Upper Team Division), Briar Nolet (Upper Division), VPeepz (Junior Team Division) and Ellie and Ava (Junior Division). But that might not have been all.

World of Dance Season 4 Winners

It was announced during the Divisional Final that the judges would have the option to select one eliminated contestant to send through to the World Final as a wild card pick. That wild card (if there was one) wasn’t revealed during that episode, so fans had to wait until tonight to find out who else made it through.

The Kings - World of Dance 2019 winners
The Kings – World of Dance 2019 winners

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World of Dance 2019 Winners


SCORES: Ne-Yo (100), Jennifer (100), Derek (100) — Average: 100

World of Dance 2019 Winners, Runner up


SCORES: Ne-Yo (95), Jennifer (94), Derek (98) — Average: 95.7


SCORES: Ne-Yo (94), Jennifer (95), Derek (96) — Average: 95.0


SCORES: Ne-Yo (94), Jennifer (91), Derek (96) — Average: 93.7


SCORES: Ne-Yo (92), Jennifer (92), Derek (94) — Average: 92.7

Mumbai’s hip-hop dance crew The Kings have become the talk of the town ever since they won NBC’s dance reality show World of Dance. The 14-member squad not just won the hearts of judges (Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough) but also took home the prize money of 1 million dollars. Fans and followers have been flooding their social media pages with congratulatory messages.

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A well-deserved win though of course, easily predictable. The Kings were the absolute standouts from the first time they hit the stage. They showcased something we have never seen before and considering this show is now three seasons old, that is an accomplishment.

Once again, hip hop reigns supreme. That’s three consecutive seasons. And as we stand right now, a winner has come from each division except the juniors. We had the upper teams, the junior teams, and the uppers in season one. Maybe next year?

This was a solid season. The show did a much better job with the editing of the competition rounds. I am impressed by that. What was a bit underwhelming was the quality of dance from both junior divisions. Perhaps we got spoiled the last two seasons but they didn’t really bring it this year. This season began and ended with The Kings.

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