‘World of Dance’ Recap: Season 4 Finale – Winner Revealed

World of Dance’s Season 4 finale got off to a strange start on Wednesday: The episode was filmed just as gatherings were starting to shut down as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, so the finale was shot without a studio audience, judge/EP Jennifer Lopez explained at the top of the hour. World of Dance Winners List is Here.

She then reassured viewers that “a dancer performs just as hard for three people as they do for 300.” While that may be true, not having the audience’s energy gave the finale a different feel.

World of Dance Winners, Runner up and Prizes

'World of Dance' Recap Season 4 Finale
‘World of Dance’ Recap Season 4 Finale

The Final Four Competitors

Oxygen, MDC 3, Jefferson y Adriana, and Géometrié Variable — put their best (dancing) foot forward in hopes of winning $1 million. J.Lo noted that for the first time in the show’s history, she didn’t know who was going to take home the grand prize, and I had to agree with her — at first.

Oxygen took the stage first, bringing back their signature Shiva moves, with an electrifying twist, and they, once again, wowed the judges. But the group failed to adequately follow J.Lo’s mentoring session advice to punch up the ending, so the final seconds of their performance still fell flat. Their final score: 93.0.

World of Dance Winners, Runner up and Prizes

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World of Dance 2019 Winners
World of Dance Winners

Up second was MDC 3, who used their journey through the competition as inspiration for their story. J.Lo praised the “breathtaking” quality of their dancing, while Ne-Yo called them “flawless.” Derek Hough was in awe of their sick head slides, as was I. All that added up to a 95.7, knocking out the impressive Oxygen, and at this point, I started to believe that MDC 3 was going to win.

Jefferson y Adriana was up next, and while their quick footwork and death-defying tricks were solid, the judges correctly noted that one of their lifts was clunky and all that walking up and down their prop stairs hurt them. Still, the duo got a high score of 95.3, but just barely missed edging out MDC 3.

Finally, it was time for Géometrié Variable, who is so unique and exciting and skilled, but with no big “wow” moment and a lack of emotion, they didn’t stand a chance. So you didn’t even need to see their 93.3 scores to know that MDC 3 won.

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